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Kristina Fields is the Chief Financial Officer of SJ Glokal FZ LLC. A founder of the Group, Kristina previously developed her own highly successful overseas property business and translation services.

Prior to that she worked for several leading blue-chip financial institutions
in the UK.


Srini manages the group investments, mergers & acquisitions, new market initiatives, Joint Ventures and also the regions commodity trade business.

With approximately 2 decades of experience in Commodity Trading, Trade Finance, Project Finance, and Banking Instruments / Products. Srini has been actively working on projects across India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Netherlands, Middle East and the UK.


Vladimir oversees the supply and trading of commodities working alongside Srini. He was formerly an Executive Chairman for oil and gas company Clipper Energy Holdings Corporation.

He takes an active interest the Czech Republic and Moroccan business community and is currently an Executive Chairman for the Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic and has previously served as Vice Chairman for the Czech and Jordan Chamber of Commerce.


Mithun is the Office Manager. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Munnar Catering College, India. Having worked in Dubai for the past six years, his experience and strong leadership qualities mean he maintains office efficiency by planning and implementing robust systems and supporting an office of diverse individuals.

His knowledge of the commodity markets makes him adept at implementing a strategy that supports the company’s supply chain whilst evaluating market conditions in order to maintain inventory levels and control costs on projects.