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S J Glokal Commodity Trading has been incorporated to capitalise on the growing commodity market worldwide. Being located in the UAE free zone provides us with unparalleled access to the world’s prominent commodity locations.

Focusing on physical trading we assist clients fulfill their requirements in sourcing and transporting commodities from Oil and Gas products from countries like Russia to soft commodities such as wheat and soya beans from Africa.

With a wealth of experience in transacting, we are able to offer clients a full service from sourcing products to assisting in negotiating prices and transaction terms. By utilising our trade finance arm we are able to assist clients in arranging and setting up the necessary credit facilities to enable a safe and secure transaction when dealing with a new supplier.

Due to the variety and in some cases rarity of the commodity being traded, and depending on the level of service our client’s require, we can either assist you in the particular area needed or we can manage the whole transaction on your behalf. As every client’s needs are different, we work on a case by case basis working with you as required.